Hate, shoot, mourn

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

Perhaps you hate President Obama
Because he won re-election Because he’s a Democrat Because he’s Black

Because he supports same-sex marriage Because he organized to fight prejudice Because he lived in Chicago

Because he initiated heathcare reform Because he sometimes compromises Because he sometimes doesn’t

Because he hesitates when he speaks Because he’s weak on some issues Because he’s strong on others

Because he’s confident Because he has a strong African-American wife Because his mother was white

Because his middle name is Hussein Because his father is from Kenya Because his ears stick out, albeit just a little

Because hate is always that ridiculous.

Or perhaps you hate President Obama

Because he called for “meaningful action” on gun control Because twenty children, six school staff, one young madman and his mother were killed Because the young man entered an elementary school and started shooting

Because he had access to semi-automatic pistols and assault rifles Because his mother was a collector of weapons of mass destruction Because she could be

Because the gun lobby is powerful Because the mental health lobby is not Because her son’s mental illness is scary

Because we hate funding mental healthcare more than the shooting deaths of twenty children six school staff one young madman and his mother.

Love, K-B

Click here to ask President Obama to start a meaningful discussion of common sense gun control.

Click here to ask the NRA and Congress to stop blocking common sense gun control.

From Salon: Tax the hell out of guns, I like it.

Crossposted at San Diego Free Press and San Diego Gay & Lesbian News.