25 reasons from 25 people who are voting Obama

From Obama for America

  • 1. "The Affordable Care Act is saving my daughter's life." —Stacey, Arizona
  • 2. "Obama is for the vets. He helped us wind down in Iraq, he's improved mental health policy with VA benefits." —Joel, Minnesota
  • 3. "Obama stuck his neck out for us, the auto industry. He wasn't going to let it just die, and I'm driving in this morning because of that, because of him." —Brian, Ohio
  • 8. "When Obama came into office, he successfully renewed our country's place in the community of nations, making cooperation in tackling the world's challenges possible." —Willis, North Carolina
  • 9. "The actions he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid." —Colin Powell, Virginia
  • 10. "I was really very grateful to him for standing up for those kids who are having a really rough time out there because of their orientation." —Jane Lynch, California
  • 11. "For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together." —Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey
  • 12. "He has a real plan for rescuing the economy that passes the 'math' test." —Teresa, Virginia
  • 13. "Having someone in office who understands how powerful our voice can be is very important." —Jay Z, New York
  • 14. "I am voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because I can trust them to care for the middle class and restore the American dream." —Steven, Florida
  • 15. "The first measure he signed into law after becoming president was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act—so a female high school counselor or physical education teacher can fight for equal pay for equal work." —Connie Britton, California
  • 16. "I believe in the America he wants for my grandchildren." —Nancy, Michigan
  • 18. "I've watched him fight for our country, stand by the middle class, the working class, the military, the education of our children, universal health care, women, the environment, and matters of national and domestic security." —Susan, Virginia
  • 19. "The gifted 12-year-old I taught, whose parents were deported and left her here with her grandmother, will be allowed to stay and finish her education. She's been in the U.S. since age one." —Jamie, North Carolina
  • 21. "I have four children who are under 26 and able to stay on my health care plan. That's been huge." —Amy, Pennsylvania
  • 22. "He's fighting to defend and better Social Security and Medicare—because millions of Latino seniors rely on them." —Cristina Saralegui, Florida
  • 23. "Thanks to the President's efforts to keep student loan rates low, I can expect to save nearly $1,000 as I work to repay my student loans. And I don't have too many of those, thanks to the Federal Pell Grant program." —Sam, Minnesota
  • 24. "It's been wonderful to have President Obama as a champion for access to health care for all women in this country." —Cecile Richards, New York
  • 25. "Re-electing Barack Obama would lead to a stronger economic recovery than would be the case were Mitt Romney to win on November 6th." —Jared Bernstein, Washington, D.C.

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