Black Sheep

in Poetry
By Karla Cordero


ConstellationsI am black sheep staring up at heaven blinking questions of faith only to hear the laughter of angels as my lashes tickle their armpits

and I wonder if God was drunk the night he made my left breast bigger than my right

Wonder how he knew to balance fish bowls on my shoulders to swallow the ocean of my father’s let downs

If he sneezed birthmark constellations for dirty boys to trace the night sky on my back

If he dug navel into my abdomen to hide the sins from my mother

If he blacksmithed my liver to keep the whiskey from leaving

If he carved picture frames on my thighs to museum the scars I couldn’t display on my wrists

I wonder if he keeps my voice in a bottle by his nightstand to ignore my prayers


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Photo credit: Thomas Bresson via a Creative Commons License