Coyotes Howl in Fallbrook

Some erotica by Kimberly Hicks to start the week

Excerpt from Without a Net


Fiona’s eyes were unfocused slits, her mind, an internal voyeur, intent only on what was happening to her body. She felt Meg’s gaze, a finger of heat along her skin, and returned the stare with a long glance and a knowing smile. She continued to move, trying to ignore how tired she was getting. She had a tendency to rush into everything she did with her new lover and she knew she risked expending herself too quickly. She had to learn to pace herself. She relaxed into the motion. A hint of the euphoria she had heard so much about started to reveal itself…

“Is this good?” asked Meg.

“Perfect,” Fiona managed without sounding too out of breath — or frustrated. It cost her, though, and she felt the fatigue thread through her limbs. She was too embarrassed to tell Meg that she had a hard time doing anything that took her focus away from her own body, so she smiled and tried to interact nonverbally. It took all of her remaining concentration to keep from losing the rhythm that they had settled into.

Smooth and steady. Smooth and steady.

She had tried a few times with other partners, and most of them had had a tendency to start too fast, and all of them were far too fixated on getting to the finish. Everything seemed to be a competition. She wanted to enjoy the entire experience. So, she tried it alone, but the few times she went solo, her mind wouldn’t shut down, and her thoughts had just gotten in the way. So, she finally gave up altogether.

Then she met Meg. Although Meg sometimes pushed her comfort level, she showed her what she had been missing. Fiona still had trouble finishing, but Meg always made sure she got there, no matter how much time or coaching it took. Meg was a patient partner.

She broke eye contact and concentrated on Meg’s breathing, matching her own to the easy exhales of the woman beside her. Meg’s eyes never left her. Normally, she hated to be watched. It felt too intimate. With Meg, though, instead of feeling too exposed, too awkward, too unskilled, she found that she liked the feel of Meg’s eyes claiming her. It allowed her to succumb gracefully to Meg’s lead. Then, all of the anxiety that she still had about doing anything wrong melted away. Oxygen infused her tired limbs, and she could feel her body responding to the rhythmic pace of her partner. She felt her muscles relax. Soon the endorphins would kick in and she knew that if she just let her body do its thing, all of the exertion would be worth it in the end.

Still, she tired easily, tried to be discrete when she looked at her watch. A half an hour into it, and she was still feeling good, though. Her stamina was getting better and she raised her hands and gave a little whoop.

“I love watching you enjoy yourself!” said Meg, barely out of breath.

“It gets better every time,” panted Fiona. The trick was to stay loose. She had to remember that. “I can’t believe I almost gave up.”

“You just needed the right partner — and practice — lots and lots of practice,” teased Meg.

“You inspire me,” said Fiona, puffing from her efforts. “I’m just too tight in the beginning, I think.”

“You have to stay relaxed, ease into it, and slowly build up a little more each time.”

“I can’t wait until I have your stamina,” panted Fiona.

“Years of practice, baby. You’ll get there. Faster?”

Fiona was amazed that Meg wasn’t even breathing hard yet.

“No. This is perfect.”

“I really want to go faster.”

“If you want to finish by yourself, go ahead. I’m fine watching.”

Fiona managed to lift a wry eyebrow, but she didn’t have it in her to try to disguise that she was out of breath anymore. She knew they were both close, and part of her wanted to watch Meg finish first. It never failed to propel her toward her own end.

“It’s so much better when we finish together. Come on, Baby. You’re almost there. Just a little faster. For me?”

“I can’t,” moaned Fiona, caught between wanting to finish slowly, and her desire to please Meg.

“Yes, you can,” coaxed Meg, gradually increasing her pace, encouraging Fiona to do the same. Soon their limbs were like pistons. “Don’t quit on me, Baby. Oh, this is great! Okay? Faster!”

Fiona couldn’t say no to her, and she was gratified to see that Meg was finally showing some strain.

“Keep on going! That’s perfect! Can you feel that?” Meg panted, her voice low with concentrated effort.

Meg stretched her neck out, and Fiona wanted to...

“Ahhhh! There…it…is…yes!”

“Ahhhh!” Fiona blew out, completely spent. Her limbs trembled uncontrollably and she flopped like a rag doll.

Meg was above her, glowing with the exertion and dripping with sweat. Meg held her lower belly, finally struggling for breath, but Fiona thought that she looked like she could still keep going. And if she did, Fiona knew she would follow. Meg had that kind of power over her. “You get better every time!” said Meg.

“Shut up! I’m trying to breathe here!” said Fiona, swatting at the embrace Meg was pulling her into and trying not to laugh.

“That was the best so far!” said Meg, successfully pulling Fiona into her. She licked the sweat from Fiona’s neck. Fiona shivered.

“How can you still be so energetic? I need time to recover — especially from that last part,” moaned Fiona, finally surrendering completely into the circle of Meg’s arms. She wanted Meg to lick her neck again.

“That’s the best part,” said Meg, stretching luxuriously and pulling back a little to look into Fiona’s eyes. She pushed aside the flyaway hairs that wisped around Fiona’s face.

Fiona just groaned, rolled onto her back, and tried to breathe. A smile held her lips, though. She felt good, but teasing Meg was half the fun.

“Come on, we need to get up,” said Meg, reaching over to grab Fiona’s hands.

“When I said I wanted to do it with you, I envisioned a nice leisurely pace,” said Fiona, finally catching her breath. She let Meg pull her up from the grassy knoll they had collapsed onto at the end. “But that whole sprinting thing you like to do at the end—,” she said waving her hands limply, “you’re going to kill me!”

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Kimberly Hicks is a wife, a mother, a writer of lesbian romance novels, and a longtime Fallbrook resident. Her likes truly are long walks on deserted beaches, a nice glass of red wine, and long soulful talks with her closest friends — the more wine there is, the more numerous her friends become! Her greatest wish is to be a catalyst for peace, no matter how great or how small.

Photograph of female torso graffiti by Bixentro via a Creative Commons license.