Coyotes Howl in Fallbrook

in Poetry

Dressing for the Holiday Tradition

By Lisa Ratnavira

Put on the war make up place each black lash perfectly coated in perspective smile with painted lips lubricate the lies enjoy the enemies

adorning matching wire bras red lingerie beneath bold crosses lying between cleavage revealing their duplicity.

Powder painted cheeks embellish false joy toned legs slip into each stocking yielding the survivor’s flight tendency

Flaunt jewelry for the parade for purposes of show, not sweet emotion high heels to project a slender image illusions of height to match the allusion of family

Emotional arrows hit the armor woven with mixed matriarchal messages step with the security that the hours will pass by

excruciatingly slowly and then you can exhale the toxic gathering.

♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦

Lisa Ratnavira’s work has appeared in a variety of literary journals, including Poet, Bereavement, Lucidity and Limestone Circle. She has published two chapbooks: Maiden, Mother and Crone, with Rachel Harding and Kate Harding, and Traveling with Pen and Brush. Lisa directs the Hidden Forest Art Gallery and lives in Fallbrook, California, with her husband, Gamini, a renowned wildlife artist, and their children. Their work appears on Lisa can be reached at

Image by Betenoir via a Creative Commons license.