Day trip to Salamanca

A day trip to Salamanca, Spain, resulted in an early escape from our group of university students and an exploration of alternative venues to cathedrals and shopping.

Bullfighting remains popular in Salamanca, but there is opposition throughout much of Spain and Europe.

A stork's-eye view: They have a penchant for Spanish towers and chimneys.

Hay mucho arte de la calle — there's lots of street art.

And Don Quixote is omnipresent. "Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that Heaven gave men. It is not equaled by the treasures contained in the earth nor those hidden in the sea." (Pardon my translation.)



Iconic Virgins in the making

Old school Salamanca...

... and new school Salamanca

A calavera for each security camera

And, lest God feel forsaken, we did make note of the contemporary replacements of facade carvings at the old cathedral.

A cherub, uncircumcised

A monster eating an ice cream cone

And an astronaut

The end — a nice old door.