Diary of a Mad Coed in her Prime: An Irritation of Idiots


By Kit-Bacon Gressitt
Since traipsing back to college at Cal State University San Marcos (CSUSM) in January, my desktop “To Do” list has begun to look like the spidery reaches of a graphic organizer, replete with interrelated concepts and sequencing.

Would you think such disparate concepts as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), household recyclables, misogynistic fantasy novels and garden snails share an affinity? Probably not. But my SPLC contact is buried in my stored files in the shed. The shed is next to the recycling bin and the recycling can in the kitchen needs to be emptied. I have a review copy of a sexist book, flung to my office floor in a moment of critical pique, and I figure it will be an easy sale for the Friends of the Library to one of Fallbrook’s many sexists.

So, I can scoop up the book, leave it on the kitchen counter to await my next trip to Main Street; snag the recyclables and trot them outside to the bin; stomp a few plant-ravishing snails along the way; pick up the file I need in the shed; and, because it takes a few minutes to complete the circuit back to my office, call my attorney along the way — I forgot that one, but I owe her a call. Then I’ll dump the sexist book at the library on the way to hitting the Café for a good laugh with the good old boys. Or maybe I’ll dump it in the recycling bin, rather than perpetuating its idiocy.

Either way, I could indeed use the laugh because I’m as burned out on the time-task-project management required to be a full-time student, work, and parent my kid, my mother and my husband, as I am burned out on idiocy. (Just kidding, Honey.)

For example, the idiocy perpetuated by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). That man needs a lesson in rape myths. The main sponsor of HR 3, Smith was hoping to use the bill to redefine rape as “forcible rape,” and thereby prohibit federal funding for abortions for all the low-income rape victims whom he believes do not deserve federally funded abortions. You know, the gals who are asking for it or didn’t fight back hard enough, the seductive Lolitas or drunks or druggies or the mentally disabled.

After reproductive rights activists pointed out Smith’s idiocy, “forcible” was removed from the bill’s language, but the idiocy continues: The bill would still prohibit people from using their own health savings accounts to pay for abortions and it would prohibit tax deductions for health insurance premiums for plans that provide abortion services.

What can you do? Call your representative and ask him or her to vote against HR 3, which will pass in the House anyway; then you’ll need to call your U.S. senators and ask them to vote against the Senate version of the bill, which will probably do the trick.

Then there’s the House of Representatives Republicans’ collective idiocy (all but seven of them), in the form of an approved amendment to the federal spending bill, the “Pence Amendment,” named for Rep. Mike Pence, (R-Ind.). The amendment would defund Planned Parenthood, a supposed deficit-reduction move. Were the anti-reproductive rights vendetta against Planned Parenthood successful (an unlikely outcome, given the Democratic majority in the Senate), it would ultimately cost the nation significantly more then we would save, because the organization also provides millions of low-income families birth control, cancer screening, and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, services that would be lost were the amendment to make it through the Senate.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA.) did a fabulous job of pointing out the anti-abortion Republicans' idiocy:

What can you do about this one? Again, call your U.S. senators and ask them to remove the Pence Amendment from the spending bill.

One final example, the idiocy of The Koala, a tabloid publishing company that makes a business of smearing hate language and sophomoric dribble through the hallowed halls of academia. Well, at least through the campuses of San Diego County’s three public universities.

Consider CSUSM Koalan Blake MacKenzie. He works at Chuck E. Cheese’s and apparently figures it’s OK to publish the “Top Five Things Retarded Kids Do At Chuck E. Cheese’s,” including “Shit in the skycrawl” and “Wait in line to play the paper towel dispenser.”

MacKenzie and his cohorts (Jeff Allen, Garret Crispi, Sammy Elhag, Aaron Jaffe, George Lee Liddle III, Blake MacKenzie, Scott Middough, Petja Piilola, Shane K. Walsh Jeff Weaver and Matt Weaver, the Koalans identified to date despite their effort to remain anonymous) are now targeting Christians with the “Top Five Differences If Jesus Had Been A Chick,” including that “Eating out your girlfriend on her period would be your communion.” Their mothers will be none too pleased to read the “Top Five Advantages of Marrying A Single Mother,” #1 of which is “Fighting over beating children [is] a perfect excuse for beating new wife.”

In their second issue recently distributed at CSUSM, Koala owners George Lee Liddle III and Sammy Elhag descended from promoting pedophilia to promoting incestuous pedophilia with their feature “Top Five Benefits of Going to Prom With Your Sister,” which declares “She gives GREAT head!” and “Who’s gonna care if she’s a minor?”

After students, staff and community members pointed out the Koala’s idiocy, Liddle and Elhag’s first issue advertisers withdrew their ads; issue two went from 12 planned pages down to eight; the sole advertiser in the second issue of the CSUSM edition is a San Diego strip club; and the idiocy continues.

What can you do now? Call the owner of Goldfingers Gentlemen’s Club, Aaron Goldberg of Finger One Inc (see contact information below), and encourage him to stop supporting a tabloid that promotes pedophilia, incest, rape, homophobia and racism.

Then, because advertising revenue from the UCSD and SDSU editions of the Koala are likely supporting the start-up edition at CSUSM, call Liddle and Elhag’s other advertisers to encourage them to withdraw support (see contact information below).

On a more ironic than idiotic note, is Koalan Jeff Weaver, who didn't like what one newspaper reader called the Koalans: He complained that “Generalizing all koala members as a klan is offensive.”

Interesting, because when critics declared the Koala’s content offensive, the Koalans laughed and said, “If you don’t like it, don’t read it; lighten up; it’s comedy.” Yet Jeff Weaver is offended by a single word, a word that categorized him and his fellow Koalans as members of a secret fraternal organization that asserts white supremacy. In other words, a group of predominantly white men who attempt to anonymously damage every other demographic in an effort to feel superior.

Hmmm. Seems fitting, and rather democratic, that such disparate folks as a white heterosexual male and the Koalans’ targets — homosexuals, women, African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Muslims and people with cancer and disabilities — share an affinity: They all can be offended by hateful words.

It’s rather pleasing that one Koalan will admit it.

Love, K-B

Call advertisers to ask them to withdraw their support of the Koala’s hate language. Call today. Read them some excerpts. Call often!

Goldfingers Gentlemen’s Club, Owner Aaron Goldberg: 858-530-0766

The Dank Bank: 619-589-0117 or thedankbank619@yahoo.com

The General Store Coop: 858-450-3080 or trex@generalstorecoop.com

PB Entertainment, Owners Mike Ettenberg and Jason Sampas: 858-598-7759

Porter’s Pub & Grill: 858-587-4828

Spirits of St. Germaine: 858-455-1414

Therapeutic Healing Cooperative: 619-717-8060 or 866-378-1726

Note: The concept map image is from “The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them" by Joseph D. Novak and Alberto J. Cañas.

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