Endless Summer Nights

in Poetry

By Scott Gressitt

CellsPuzzleInAPetalYour eyes were closed, I touched your hair I breathed you in and held you close. My sheets, still potent with your scent and all is damp.            We leave a trail.

The puzzles that we humans solve are rife with wobbly, complex curves. complicated by our filters, always needing some repair.

I don’t know enough about you. Dare I risk my resource bank? You could walk off with my heart. I could walk off with your soul.

Yet the months tick by and we enjoy the moments that we share. We could call the whole thing off avoid the hurt that comes with care

But just for now I lay you down and take you to the pastures where no thoughts of pain or sorrow draw. Be still and let me ravish you. We laugh and talk the whole night through. Together we take pleasure in. We pass it back and forth until the light grows on my western wall.

Our bodies, soft and warm, still glow from loving treatment through the night. Each tender word delivered softly fills our hearts, our vines entwined.

The chemistry of sex and passion touch, caress and kisses near our softest places, causes networks of entangled love and care.

I become yours, you become mine. There is no way to stop this course except to say goodbye right now and turn from the inevitable.

Or we could laugh and share our thoughts again, break bread and walk this way. Sit knee to knee, engaging through these seeming endless summer nights.


About Scott Gressitt

An amateur writer and rapscallion, I write of my past, a life laden with extraordinary events. I have walked in places most of the population avoids. Besides scars and bruises, I’ve collected experiences that frighten, delight and entertain. I write with the intent to take you on a wild ride where all your senses are fully engaged. Enjoy.

Photo credit: "Puzzle in a Petal" by Olga Berrios via a Creative Commons license