Facebook censors cupcakes!

The picture below is a delightful and humourous celebration of women's anatomy. It's been posted all over the 'net, including multiple Facebook pages — including mine. But this morning it was gone! And it's gone from every other Facebook page I know of that had posted it.

Facebook stole the cupcakes!

Yet, countless Facebook pages continue to be littered with content that celebrates rape as humor. If you want to post rape jokes on public Facebook pages, all you have to do is label them as "humor" or "satire" and you can rap on rape to your heart's content. Search for "You know she's playing hard to get when" and you'll see that Facebook's policy is worth bupkis.

So, Facebook allows the persistent presence of public content that assaults women's anatomy, but it censors content that celebrates women's anatomy.

Still want to buy into Facebook's initial public offering?

By the way, the closest thing I can find as a source of this photo is Megan Bochum, on Facebook. So, Megan, if this is your photo, please accept the credit and my gratitude for sharing it.

Love, K-B