Fallbrookisms 03 June 2010

Fallbrookian 1: Have you heard the latest about Sarah Palin? She’s building a taller fence around her property so the journalist renting next door can’t spy on her. Fallbrookian 2: But then she won’t be able to see Russia anymore, and there goes her foreign policy expertise!

Liberal Fallbrookian: I’m so surprised no one has left a bag of burning shit on our doorstep yet. Conservative Fallbrookian: Only a damn liberal would think that’s an adequate response. I say shoot them all.

From Telling Our Tales writing workshop

Talking is my thinking, and sometimes that’ll get you in trouble.

Writing is like making salsa: You just start cutting up vegetables and adding things and then people say, “Oh, this is wonderful. How do you make it?” But I don’t know how I make it. I just write it.

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