Fallbrookisms 05 November 2009

Victim Advocacy Fallbrook style

A Village News story about an apparently unstable man attacking a Major Market checker elicited the following response from a reader, writing under the name “Victim’s Advocate”: I think Sam Logan [the market’s owner] and Anthony Duarte [the checker] have grounds for a lawsuit. This man should have never been released from the hospital unless it was to be transferred to jail.

Budget Management Fallbrook style

The story indicated the alleged attacker was upset about the cost of his groceries, spurring the following from another reader dubbed “Cranky”: Who can blame the guy for being mad about his grocery bill? I cringe every time I get rung up there too. I usually just say thanks and hang my head low as I push my cart out though. Attacking the clerk just never occurred to me, until now, but I think I'll pass.

Diagnostics Fallbrook style

Reader “mom of lots” rendered the following diagnosis: I agree that he should be jailed and while he is there, have him see a psychiatrist. I personally think he has more of an issue with rage and lack of self-control, then a "mental health" issue.

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