Fallbrookisms 07 April 2011

It’s so easy to have fun when you’re literate

Mother: Why do people say “shit my pants”? It’s “shit in my pants.” I need that preposition. It doesn’t sound as foul with the preposition.

Daughter: I shat my pants. Is past tense better?

Mother: Shitted? Maybe shot.

Daughter: Or shitten — have you shitten?

Mother: Sat on the shitter.

Daughter: Shart.

Mother: Euu.

Daughter: Mom, we’re laughing about poop.

Mother: Poo — we’re laughing about poo! Poo is funnier.

Daughter: I feel good about this.

Mother: Me, too. … I too. It’s not me, too.

Daughter: Aw, shit.

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