Fallbrookisms 10 September 2009

On Main Street

Shopper 1: How’s the new farmer’s market Shopper 2: Plenty of tchotchkes, but the farmer’s failed to show.

Desperately seeking translation of the Village News

Throughout the interrogations, [Sheriff’s Deputy] Lauhon noted that the individuals involved in the [rage party] ring all had an “anti-rich people” attitude.    —article excerpt

Both British and Dutch socialized healthcare plans provide methods of eliminating Grandpa and Grandma and one provision in Obama’s healthcare plan gives that kind of power to government appointees.                —Archie McPhee

The commercialization of medicine is a worldwide opportunity for America’s taxpayers to reduce their costs for and access to cutting-edge technologies through profits derived from foreign sales.    —Tom Casey

Frustration the key to business success     —headline

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