Fallbrookisms 17 September 2009

From Fallbrook’s Writers Read

The dirtiest poem is the poem you know you need to write but don’t. … And once it’s written, it won’t be dirty anymore.    —Brandon Cesmat, featured author

Over the next few days, I committed some accidental murders.    —youthful fiction

Desperately seeking more translation of the Village News

[O]ur elementary school district in Fallbrook flaunts the whole [bilingual] idea by putting up their signs in front of the schools in Spanish. We want them to speak English! The signage this month says “Augusto,” not “August!” Shame on you.      —Gloria Seelye

Area residents can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at Fallbrook Library September 11 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. … They will enjoy a mariachi concert, light snacks of pan dulce and aguas frescas.                      —article flaunting bilingualism

Art Center unveils new restroom with gallery        —headline

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