Fallbrookisms 21 October 2010

On Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas

No kidding — Thomas’ wife wants Anita to apologize to him? Apologize for speaking the truth? That's so, hmmm, Tea Partyish.

On County Supervisor Bill Horn

– Have you noticed how often he’s been to town, offering his paternalistic help, now that it’s time to vote? – He must have an aide whispering people’s names in his ear.

At Fallbrook's Writers Read

No one died marching for peace.   – Terry Severhill

In response to a copy editor

K-B: Get a load of this: It’s “anti-feminist” (!?) to reference in a book review the appearance of an author who flaunts his appearance on his author’s page. Damn sexist copy editor — on top of the usage error. Besides, if buxom blonds can do it, certainly beefy, tattooed men can tout their bodies.

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