Fallbrookisms 25 February 2010

At Café des Artistes

1. I dated this girl once. She said, “You’re an enigma: You waft between deep spirituality and potty humor.”

2. I wonder, did any of your parents' children survive?

On writing


My courtship with writing has, alas, left her a spinster. Gone is the flower of her youth, barren is her womb. She longs for my attention, sighing as I whisk by, racing from one random pedestrian act to another. I look on her and see the unfulfilled dreams she, a virgin, has carried; the futile burden she has borne interrupted by only an occasional exercise of haiku, a silly trivial limerick, a more promising letter to a friend. Then a tortuous tease of real hope for her via the execution of a carefully crafted and poignant eulogy of a parent or friend causes her to pause, breathless, hoping for her lover to fully engage; knowing what promise lurks, what fecund riches hang nearing the angle of incidence … But alas, her lover, distracted by a trifle, abandons her again for another.


Russian border marker

At Major Market

Shopper 1: What brought you to Fallbrook? Shopper 2, with a Lithuanian accent: The Communists.