Fallbrookisms 27 January 2011

Married women on bachelor watch

– Is she a good friend? – I don’t know. She’s coming for the weekend, so she must be good at something.

On Fallbrook’s new library

Entering the new Fallbrook Library for the first time is a bit disconcerting. The first thing one does is ask where are the book stacks? Gone are the narrow, somber spaces. Instead, we encounter a colorful, airy space that is inviting and a bit bewildering. Where is the library? We have here a book mall that puts Barnes & Noble to shame. Books are displayed on low shelves. You can see the entire space. Glass walls define various areas, including the Computer Room.

See it.

I suggest first proceeding directly to the Reading Garden and checking out the "Bottle" wall. Inspiring.

Then to the Community Room where numerous brilliant Fallbrookian photographers are displaying their work.

Next the Newsroom, where the last of the printed news media still survive, and the giant touch screen newsboard invites us to try the digital services.

Comments overheard:

"I'm blown away!"

"It brought tears to my eyes."

My opinion: It's not a good library, it's an extraordinary library.

– David Allee

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Photograph by Jim Helms