06 August 2009

A not-so friendly debate from Fallbrook the Friendly Village on President Obama's healthcare insurance reform effort

From: usocialist@live.com To: Undisclosed group of Fallbrook healthcare reform activists from Organizing for America Subject: Obama whores. "yes master" Message: blank

From: One of the healthcare reform activists To: usocialist@live.com Subject: Re: Obama whores. "yes master" Message: I realize you are unable to consider an opinion different from your own, but please respect me enough to delete me from your email list. I am not a whore.

From: usocialist@live.com To: One of the healthcare reform activists Subject: Re: Re: Obama whores. "yes master" Message: You are projecting yourself onto me by saying that I do not consider different opinions. I have considered the truth and the truth is you are wrong. History proves it. Obama is wrong also, but you do not care because he is your master. Do some research and you will see. But you will not.

Editorial note: Huh?

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