Fallbrookisms 31 March 2011

A potpourri heard about town

The nuclear incident in Japan is a real tragedy but at least it bumped Charlie Sheen off the news.

I switched from sales to teaching. If I can sell a $500 jar of face cream, I can sell English to kids who don’t want it.                                                                – Marcella, former Teacher of the Year

Avocadoes, California’s felonious fruit.


Fallbrookians on The Koalans at Cal State San Marcos

The little snot-lickers, they deserve to be whipped.

I didn’t really think I believed in beating, but I’m beginning to change my mind.

Of all the things that would wound me to my core, it would be to have my child turn out like that — so lacking in self-respect.

Boot their asses out of school — make room for some students who want to learn.

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