From Planned Parenthood: What's wrong with this picture?

Take a look at this picture of the witnesses at Thursday's opening panel of the House hearing on the birth control coverage requirement.

This picture is spreading around the internet like wildfire right now because of what's missing. WOMEN.

The anti-birth control lawmakers who want to give employers the power to deny women coverage for contraception don't want to hear from women or from anyone who disagrees with them. In fact, they turned away a young woman from Georgetown University who had been invited by Democrats on the committee to testify about the role birth control plays in women's health. According to lawmakers determined to turn back the clock on women's health, she is not "qualified" to discuss the issue.

Well, they can lock us out of their hearing, but they can't silence us. Tell your representative in Congress to reject any legislation that allows employers to block women's access to birth control:

I don't want my boss telling me I can't have insurance coverage for birth control -- but that's exactly what some members of Congress are trying to put into law. It's 2012, and 99% of sexually-active women rely on birth control at some point. Trying to block access to contraception is offensive, wrong, and totally out of touch. Tell Congress to back off on birth control: