From Your MAMMA 28 October 2009

Vote No on 1 — Protect Marriage Equality in Maine

Brian S. Brown, Executive Director

National Organization for Marriage

20 Nassau Street, Suite 242

Princeton, NJ 08542

Dear Mr. Brown,

Please leave us alone. We in Maine are fiercely independent folk, and most of us believe in a participatory democracy. We attend town hall meetings, yell at one another with gusto, and come out hugging. We run our towns and our churches that way (if only the rest of our country would follow suit) and we produce such oddball phenomena as a Republican senator who votes for healthcare reform. (We are so proud of her) We individually wrestle with, and think through issues independent of party lines, the politics we grew up with, or what Joe down the road thinks.

I sat in a class of ministry students the other night, in which the planned topic of conversation, once again, was tabled, because current events issues once again, seemed more important. Once again, we discussed, at a well-imformed and learned level, and in a very loving atmosphere, the topic of legal marriage in our state of Maine. As we near the election, it is, of course, on our minds more and more. We had all listened to and participated in discussions in the workplace, at the dinner table and in the post office. We had all read editorials, Scripture, and poorly written emails. We had all prayed. We had all decided how to vote. A lot of us had already voted by absentee ballot.We all agreed that this is a critically important issue. We did NOT agree on how to vote; in fact, we were split about 50/50. We did, however, agree that we would like national organizations to (forgive me) BUTT OUT!!!

Please, Mr. Brown, leave us alone!


Hunt Gressitt

Blue Hill, Maine

Mainer and WWII veteran Philip Spooner speaks for marriage equality

Support the No on 1 campaign at Protect Maine Equality.