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Maine's Same-sex Marriage Threatened with Repeal; a Mainiac’s Response

Excerpt from a National Organization for Marriage letter:

Dear Friend of Marriage,

Here's great news on the marriage front: The people of Maine are going to have the final word on marriage! In just four short weeks, tens of thousands of Maine friends and neighbors signed petitions insisting on the right to repeal Maine's hastily enacted gay marriage statute.

The National Organization for Marriage worked hard with StandforMarriageMaine to make this happen. But it could not have happened without your help! You are the ones who made this happen... and we need you to help secure this victory. Can you help us with $10, $25, or $100 so that Maine — and our country — can recover the true meaning of marriage?

The people of Maine will vote in November. Meanwhile the gay marriage statute, which would have gone into effect Sept. 12, will be put on mothballs pending the outcome of the vote. Another victory for you — for democracy — for the common good — for common sense!

It's going to be a big fight in Maine; we understand that. But if you will help, together we can show the naysayers and the doomsday predictors that even in blue states like Maine, the American people do not want judges and politicians messing around with marriage. …

God bless, Brian S. Brown Executive Director

And a response from my dear, darling Mainiac sister:

Dear NOM,

I am always very uncomfortable with the fact that so many folks from outside of Maine seem to want to come into Maine and tell us what we think. We actually do very well when left to our own devices.

Mainehonoring-commitmentWe have made great progress to assure the sacred bonds of marriage are available to all who want to sanctify their life commitments. Then out-of-state people have come in and deliberately propagandized a petition in order to confuse Maine voters into voting the opposite of their intentions: If the out-of-state petitioners are successful in getting their petition on our ballot, a “Yes” vote will indicate you oppose same-sex marriage, while a “No” vote will mean you support our law which allows same-sex marriage.*

Make no mistake: The majority of Mainers made it clear that those who wish to make a public ceremonial acknowledgement of their commitment to one another, with all of the rights and privileges that entails, should be able to do so without restriction in our state.

We would have a much better chance of providing what the people of this state truly want if we could just get the well-meaning folks from out of state to keep their politics out of state and let us do the right thing unencumbered.

Sincerely, Hunt Gressitt Mainer

*If NOM's petition is successful, the question on the November ballot will read: "Do you want to reject the new law that lets same-sex couples marry and allows individuals and religious groups to refuse to perform these marriages?"

A majority "Yes" vote would repeal the law, prohibiting same-sex marriage in Maine. A majority "No" vote would uphold the current law, which allows same sex marriage in Maine and also allows individuals and churches to refuse to perform such marriages.

Learn more at Maine Freedom to Marry and the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry in Maine.

(Photo from Maine Freedom to Marry.)