Go as one

in Poetry
By Scott Gressitt PairOfTreesHow is it that we walk alone and feel the void of solitude yet buy into the voice that says it's fine for me to go as one?

I go as one. I go and go. and then I meet another one and for a season go as two until the leaves fall. Back to one

There's comfort in the walk as one. I call the shots, I drive the day. No other tells me what to do or ever tries to fetter me.

Yet sitting in my hot tub I alone as usual, dripping wet, stare at the stars and think of how your skin might feel just next to me.

It feels so good when you are there. I can't forget the slippery joy. You slip and slide beside me, soft. You are a girl. I am a boy.

Tonight there is a band of orange and fiery red off to the west. The sky is cobalt, earth is black as I fly out of town alone.

I go as one. I go and go. At thirty thousand feet I look. The sun has plunged below the edge. The night unfolds. The stars begin.

I leave behind my quiet life and venture north to watch a friend. He has decided not to go on living just as one. No more.

He'll change his program, going forth, to walk with one more. More than he. No more just he. He'll now be two. And he will let her influence him.

They'll go, these two. They'll go and go. They'll walk together, two as one. They'll share their food, their house, their bed and learn to listen and to love.

They'll shine as lovers, show the world that two are better, better than they were as solo pilgrims here who walked alone in solitude.

They'll think about each other when they have to make a choice about the way they spend, the way they live, the way they move through space, now one.

The one they were before will change. Though two of them, they'll now be one. Two bodies sharing vision and a plan to live in harmony.

I go as one but join the throng to celebrate the joy they share to lift my glass, solute their choice and lift a prayer that God will lead.

I love these two. I love that they have found each other on this path. I love that they will share their love. They'll go as one. They'll go and go.


About Scott GressittScottGressittMug

An amateur writer and rapscallion, I write of my past, a life laden with extraordinary events. I have walked in places most of the population avoids.

Besides scars and bruises, I’ve collected experiences that frighten, delight and entertain. I write with the intent to take you on a wild ride where all your senses are fully engaged. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Bhaskar Peddhapati via a Creative Commons license.