Londonisms 24 December 2009

London Tube

Ladies and gentlemen, due to a person under a train, there will be no service in either direction between Liverpool Street and Leytonstone. Please take an alternate route.

Mind the gap.

Ambrosia is Greek for ballocks in German.

She was a cheese eater, but she wasn’t that dodgy.

Harrods Dim Sum Bar

Do you have a Harrods Reward Card, Madam?

That’s what dim sum is — lots of little packages of interesting things.

I’m totally smitten with the scallops.

The Daily Telegraph Letters to the Editor

SIR — Those of us in our later years enjoy cruising the death announcements on your Court & Social page. Without any particular malice, we like to know whom we have outlived.

SIR — How do I decorate my home with e-cards at Christmas and show I have more friends than you?

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