Love in the Ether

in Poetry

By Scott Gressitt

MatchI fancy little poetry. The words you sent said volumes and painted detailed pictures they lit for me the image of a brain well sized and seasoned close coupled to the heart of the Gal up in the Gorge

Effusive, and so juicy A sister of the soul you struck a match and threw it into my heart of hearts It hasn't grown so cold yet nor dimmed beyond perceiving to fan to flame those sparks that stir me, thanks to you.

Your gift of words, it thrills me The thought of curling up with a fire crackling near us our lips apart by inches we read and learn to listen as truth is always climbing from depths of soul and secret to spill it's bloody beans

Though meeting in the ether we're no less real, I reckon than those who meet in person o'er Trader Joe's zucchini I'll settle for the system invented by the heartless though even they are dying for love from one who gets them

I won't dismiss the prospect that heaven formed our meeting with aid of ram and wifi to join our psyches tightly across electric ether your words flew in my window and caught me by my short hairs while digging in the dirt

Just two more soulful pilgrims alive amidst abundance walking in the verdancy of gardens fully fecund what we have we cherish for all we have, we're grateful but know that with another our cups would overflow


About Scott Gressitt

An amateur writer and rapscallion, I write of my past, a life laden with extraordinary events. I have walked in places most of the population avoids. Besides scars and bruises, I’ve collected experiences that frighten, delight and entertain. I write with the intent to take you on a wild ride where all your senses are fully engaged. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Alex Askew via a Creative Commons license