Making a Killing: Guns, Greed & the NRA

A new film from Brave New Films



Brave New Films is taking on the National Rifle Association and the gun manufacturers, the most feared special interest group in the USA. Their reluctance to allow for safe gun policies has helped create a 6 billion dollar a year industry and leaves 80 Americans dead from guns daily. For too long, the debate on guns has focused on the rights of corporate partners funding the NRA over the rights of everyone else to feel and be safe in their communities.

We will not be bullied like our legislators. JOIN US & HOST A FREE SCREENING.

Making a Killing is a game changer, leveraging innovative distribution technology to accelerate systemic change. Together we are going to reframe the debate because the right to safety should always triumph over greed. We may not have as much corporate sponsorship money as the NRA, but we have you and the thousands of others who believe in this film and are ready to take on the NRA once and for all.

Join the fight against gun violence: Host a free screening at your home.