Over breakfast today, my daughter reported one of those dismayingly funny university moments.

Her professor asked how many of the students in the lecture hall know what’s happening in Syria. They produced a lackluster response.

Then the professor asked how many folks know what Miley Cyrus did recently. The general response was, perhaps, to be expected, but nonetheless absurd.

My daughter’s response: “What? Did Miley go to Syria?”

I love my kid. She makes me smile.

On the way home, we enjoyed the icing on our breakfast cake—the following graffiti sprawled across the wall of the Fallbrook Post Office.

I love my town. It's becoming a little less redneck brick-by-brick.


For an overview of what is happening in Syria, peruse these Al Jazeera America articles.

If you want to know what Miley Cyrus did, you'll have to Google it for yourself.

Love, K-B

Photo credit: ©2013 Kit-Bacon Gressitt