NOM pans my nice little hetero marriage

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) emailed a link to its two new campaign advertisements last night. The ads support Minnesota’s Amendment 1, which would amend the constitution to restrict marriage to “only a union of one man and one woman.”

What the ballot measure fails to note, but NOM makes evident in the first of its new ads, is that the woman had better be fertile, because, "Marriage is more than a commitment between two loving people. It was made by God for the creation and care of the next generation."

Apparently, Brian "Pillsbury Doughboy" Brown and NOM reject my fertility-impaired union — my husband and I both had our tubes tied before we tied the knot.

They reject all those cute oldster marriages that bring forth so much infertile smooching in folks' twilight years.

They reject marriages of couples that are unwilling or unable for any reason to create the next generation.

They certainly reject same-sex marriages.

With the new ad, NOM rejects every marriage that is not dedicated to procreation, which might be perceived by those of us who are unproductive as an invitation to divorce. But maybe that's not so bad?

If God created marriage, then God must have created divorce, right?

So, it looks as though Brian "PD" Brown and Maggie Gallagher have finally done it — they have turned NOM into the most anti-marriage organization in the nation.

Nincompoops. ... Yippee!