On Sarah Palin, the Woman Who Would Be Vice President of the United States of America

By Kit-Bacon Gressitt


I would never vote for Sarah Palin for anything, based on the few issue statements she has managed to articulate, but I would have appreciated a female vice presidential candidate of either party with the character, knowledge and wisdom to serve as a role model for girls and young women around the world.

Instead, in Sarah Palin we have an immature, unseasoned and unreasoned politician who relies on her femininity to win a point, an ambitious woman who resorts to cutie-pie shtick when she can't deliver substance.

If Sarah Palin had a penis, she would never have degenerated to flirtatious body language and coquettish responses in a United States vice presidential debate watched by concerned people around the world.

She also would not likely be on the ticket if she had a penis, dontcha know!

If Palin were my employee, I would sit her down firmly and counsel her about her unprofessional, undignified behavior, and she would have to work long and hard to earn her way back into the executive conference room.

Sarah Palin is not a role model for any woman who wants to be taken seriously, who wants to achieve the same rights and opportunities as men. Palin is no feminist, conservative or otherwise. She should stick with what she does best: providing fodder for Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey.

[Smile wide, cock head, wink, deliver line.] “Oh, Joe, say it ain’t so!” [Smile again, pucker lips.]

Love, K-B

©2008 Kit-Bacon Gressitt