Poetry Celebrating Women's History Month

in Poetry

Women of Granite … 2000

Like ancient stones We have directed Destiny’s course.

Silently stoically Standing firmly We have founded and formed

Every executive Each executioner Every Senator Each cellmate

All owe their identity To our wombs…

As we enter This rapid movement With scars of silence We carry grace and wisdom Into the echoing corridors And hurl the earth’s core At the glass ceilings

Our ungrateful fetuses foolishly formed.

– Lisa Albright Ratnavira

Daughters of Clay … 2008

Like unpolished pebbles We are tumbled Along the fates of men

We play with dolls we bake and cut cookie dough we are praised for our dresses

Every father’s knee Every Pastor’s benediction Every teacher’s gold star Every playmate’s secret

Our identity is formed before our ripened wombs release us

we repeat we regurgitate with silent assent we carry our young into the empty rivers biting our tongues we offer them Promises of change

Our forebears foolishly fought for

– Lisa Albright Ratnavira

About the author:

Lisa Albright Ratnavira's work has appeared in a variety of literary journals, including Poet, Bereavement, Lucidity and Limestone Circle. She has published two chapbooks: Maiden, Mother and Crone, with Rachel Harding and Kate Harding, and Traveling with Pen and Brush. Lisa directs the Hidden Forest Art Gallery in Fallbrook, California, with her husband, Gamini, a renowned wildlife artist, and their children. Their work appears on www.gaminiratnavira.com. Lisa can be reached at lratnavira@yahoo.com.

(Photo by Gamini Ratnavira, Sri Lanka 2009)