Reprieve from sorrow: Playing the Woman Card

Have you played your woman card today?

By K-B

It's been some sorrowful days since the attack on Pulse Orlando, but I was comforted by the wee bit of lightness in this morning's mail. My Official Hillary for American Woman Cards arrived—I bought ten so I can keep some up my sleeve—with a whole deck of Woman playing Cards, because, as we know from previous weeks' sorrowful news about the Stanford sexual assault injustice, it's a real gamble for women out there.

So, have a chuckle, then demand rational gun control laws, share a hug, and walk in the next Pride Parade—16 July in San Diego.

Love, K-B

[caption id="attachment_17382" align="aligncenter" width="1030"]woman card The Official Hillary for America Woman Card[/caption]

P.S. You can buy your official Woman Cards here.