Terms of Venery

An Exaltation of Larks, by James Lipton, has long been a Gressitt family favorite. The collection of traditional terms of venery, or collective nouns — a pride of lions, a damning of jurors — has led to countless hours well spent on inventing our own. It doesn't pay the mortgage, but it does delight the soul.

In December 1992, my father inscribed a copy of Lipton's latest, An Exaltation of Larks, the Ultimate Edition: "To Kit-Bacon, artist with words. May there be some inspiration in these pages. Love, Father."

If you are so inspired and want to join the Gressitt game, send me your very own terms of venery. We'll start posting a collection — and perhaps we'll inspire Mr. Lipton to update his fabulous book.

To start, here are a few of my own:

A starburst of generals

An orgy of envy

A mass of bishops

An ecstasy of miracles

A scandal of penises

A ____ of ____ Fill in the blanks and post your term(s) in comments, below, or send it in an email to kb@kbgressitt.com.

See "Terms of Venery II."