What We Want


By Scott GressittBeautySalon

She got up from the hairdresser’s station and walked toward the front door of the salon, where I was standing.

"You look so good!" Jill, the salon manager, said to her.

"Thank you! I sure hope my husband likes it."

I looked at her, biting my tongue, holding back my opinion of her servitude to her man.

"He's gonna love it, sweetie,” Jill reassured her. “You look fabulous.”

"I hope so. He's hated my last three haircuts."

Jill was already busy with the next client and ignored the middle-aged woman, who seemed slightly lost between the sanctuary of self-beautification and the ride home to judgment. She turned to me instead, smiling expectantly, obviously awaiting my appraisal, awaiting a stranger sporting a pair of testicles to validate her.

I could no longer hold my tongue. Stepping six inches toward her, I whispered, "Do you know the three things men really want?"

"I beg your pardon?" she said, blinking up at me, surprised by the question.

I just smiled back at her. "Good afternoon. I'm just another man with a big fat opinion, here with Toni, the make-up artist. But I couldn't help hearing your exchange with Jill. Would you answer my question?"


"What do you think are the three things men really want from a woman?" I asked, staring into her eyes.

She looked off into space momentarily, then back at me, and focused on my face.

"Well, first, they want their women to look good."

"You think?" I asked.

"And secondly, they want their woman to care for their home and table," she said hopefully, looking for my approval.

Again, I just smiled back.

"And they want us to love them,” she said matter-of-factly, awaiting some sign from me.

"Do you believe that women have incredible power over the men on the planet?"

She didn't answer.

"I know you'd like to have power and equality in your relationships with men and especially your husband. Would you like to know what three things men want from their women?” Not waiting for her answer, I said, “I'll tell you. Men want your appreciation for their contributions to the hearth, they want your respect for their actions and beings, and they want your sex."

Her mouth fell open.

"Are you with me?" I asked as kindly and patiently as possible. "Let's reverse it, shall we? What are the three things women want from their men?"

She looked at the floor and laced her fingers together in front of her crotch, backing away from me six inches.

I moved toward her three inches.

"Well," she started, "they want their men to think they are beautiful. They want their men to find them sexy." She paused for a few seconds. "And they want their men to appreciate them."

"What’s your name, my dear?" I asked, taking her hand.

"It's Donna," she said quietly, pulling back slightly from me.

I didn’t let her pull away, I didn't look away from her eyes, and I didn't let go of her hand.

"I was raised by women, have known hundreds of women, and I love women." I winked at her and emphasized, "No, I really love women. Here's what women have taught me so far: First, they want to be listened to and understood, without their men giving them any sort of advice or solution to their problems. They just want their men to shut up and listen to them. Second, they want to be validated, accepted for who they are, right where they are. And third, they want their men to cherish them and love them unconditionally."

Her eyes teared, and she looked wistfully to the floor.


About Scott Gressitt

An amateur writer and rapscallion, I write of my past, a life laden with extraordinary events. I have walked in places most of the population avoids. Besides scars and bruises, I’ve collected experiences that frighten, delight and entertain. I write with the intent to take you on a wild ride where all your senses are fully engaged. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Angelldolls via a Creative Commons licence.