Women's History Month in Poetry

in Poetry
By Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel b. 1918, d. 2007

Magic Tricks of 1935

The vineyard grows tired and sweats with us workers who stretch our backs and wait on the sun to fall from the sky and send us home again

From two rows over VineyardBandWa stranger's voice calls my name in a deep voice Wanna go to the movies tomorrow night?

I don't know him and do not answer as a proper girl he's got his gall

There is a pause then I see his straw hat move along the rows of vines

A head with no body like a magic trick in a carnival show

I finish my row and wonder how the fellow knew my name and what he looks like under his hat


Advice and Treatment by Plastic Surgeon

Fresh air becomes me and daily exercise but I must avoid direct sunlight and wear this floppy hat

Your ancestors live in bogs and melanoma will get you the surgeon warned if you don't get it

No surprise in the end something always gets me

Anyway the doc was right did a fine job on my troubled face the rest he left alone

Ungathered crops a whirling dervish in the cornfield blackbirds imprinted on her eyes


Vineyard photo by Taylor A. via a Creative Commons license.