Writers Read at Fallbrook Library Six-Word Story Contest


Many thanks to our judges Dan McClenaghan and Ms. Anonymous—they had a blast!—and to the writers who submitted.

9780670026289_Circle_of_ShadowsAnd our winners are …

By Laurie Richards Woman bruised. Husband missing. Dumpster smells.

By Linda Wapner Wire cutters. Underground tunnel. Papers, Senora?

Laurie and Linda will receive copies of the historical mystery novel Circle of Shadows by Imogen Robertson (or another book from our collection)—and our thanks to Pamela Dorman Books for the support!

Particularly noteworthy submissions are …

By Lori Bryant Chasing butterflies. Earth explodes. Body fragments.

By Judy Justin Wanted: Original owner. Leopard fur coat.

By Janet Swenson Walking dog. See rabbit. Lost dog.

And, because all the submissions were so darn interesting, here’s a sample of something from each writer, in the order received …

By Terry Severhill Going forth seeking failure. Returning success.

By K. S. Kinman Yesterday C-cup, today A-cup. Damn.

By Elise Mack “That hurt!” “It won’t next time.”

By Robert Summers I don't know how to start.

By Monica Newkirchen Arrived. Loved it. Died facing God.

By Brandon Cesmat "Can't," he said. "Won't," she said.

By Patty Campbell The meadow bloomed purple, then black.

By Peg Marie Johnson Clay in my hands … quantum leap

By Lo Mehnert Gravity gone. Falling up. Hit ceiling.

By Anonymous Body unidentified. Cops stymied. Home free.

By Nino Genaro You left, I cried, you died.

By Anonymous Information pending on wealthy, dipsomanic Duchess.

By Anonymous Sixty minutes, six words, head hurts.

By Paul Colaluca Children's eyes call. Empty hearts turn.

By Margie Middleton Called. He answered. I hung up.

By Jo Anne Monypeny He hit her. She kissed him.

By Donna J. Leiber You promised to stay. You lied.

By Barbara Martin Son. Twenty-one. Apron strings slack, relax.