Writers Read: The Itty Bitty Murder Mystery Contest and Winners of the "Tragus" Contest


And the winners of the Tragus Contest are …

Lori Bryant: As she sat across the table on her first eHarmony date, Miranda fixated on the three wiry hairs protruding from that plump little hunk of flesh in front of the man’s ear canal, and she knew she could not stay another moment unless she asked him if he would object to her trimming his tragus.

Mary Barnes: When I told Gus to hand me his tray, he said, "Can't—it's fastened on."

Beth Escott Newcomer: In that moment his ear became more irresistible to her than the story she was telling and her lips stopped whispering and her tongue started exploring, beginning with the low-hanging lobule, then up under the scaphoid fossa, around the stiff crus of helix, past the tragus and all the way down to his intertragic notch, which was where she paused to hear him let out a sweet sigh.

Thanks to our judges, Dan McClenaghan and Penny Perry, and to our winners and all who contributed! ..............................................................................

Our next contest is … the Itty Bitty Murder Mystery

Submissions: A barebones murder mystery that—in 100 words or less—explains the following:

Who did it?          To whom?          With what?          Where?          Why?

Prizes: Books, of course, for the top three entries

Your submission(s) may be any style, any tone—have at it!

Deadline: Wednesday 04 December 2013.

Winners will be announced, and books awarded, at next month’s reading, on 10 December, in the community room at Fallbrook Library, 6 p.m.

By entering this contest you give permission for your entry(ies) to be published online by www.ExcuseMeImWriting.com.

Email your entry(ies) in the body of a message to kbgressitt@gmail.com, and include the following information:

Your name How your published name should appear Email (will not be published) Phone (will not be published)

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