Writers Read Monthly Contest, November: Odd Word Month


Submissions: A single sentence using the selected odd word—the more creative and unexpected, the better!

Prizes: Books, of course, for the top three entries, maybe more...

And the odd word is … “tragus,” a noun: the small fleshy projection at the front of the external ear, slightly extending over the opening of the ear. (Thanks to A.Word.A.Day for the interesting word.)

Your sentence may be any genre, any mood, any tone—have at it! You may submit multiple entries.

Submit your entry to kbgressitt@gmail.com by Thursday 31 October 2013.

Any questions? Email or call K-B at 760-522-1064.

Winners will be announced, and books awarded, at next month’s reading, on 12 November, in the community room at Fallbrook Library, 6 p.m.

By entering this contest you give permission for your entry(ies) to be published online by www.ExcuseMeImWriting.com.

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